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 Counter Strike Extreme 2010

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PostSubject: Counter Strike Extreme 2010   Counter Strike Extreme 2010 Icon_minitimeTue Sep 14, 2010 12:44 pm

Counter-Strike Extreme (2010)
Manufacturer: Valve | Win XP / Vista / 7 | Style: Shot in 1 Person | English | 470 MB
Gerne: Action
Counter Strike Extreme 2010 218qpe
Whats new in this version:

* New Gui Background
* Advance weapon tracer
* Linkinpark music background
* Kill streak effect
* Realistic sound
* New special effect
* First person Death Camera
* Heart beat
* Weapon lights effect

If you start the game, and it is exiting, open the 'my coputer/ local disk c:/ program files and look for the counter strike extreme folder. Look for the halflife laucher.exe, open it then enter this cd key, click ok then exit the halflife and open again counter strike.

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Counter Strike Extreme 2010
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